Our team is available for you and your family

Your holiday should be a time of adventure and relaxation. Our team at Village Mata Encantada looks forward to ensuring this is the case throughout your stay.

Want to bring your car? You can park free of charge in our car park.

We are available to receive our guests at any hour. Whatever time you arrive - we look forward to being of service right from the start. For further information, please see the »How to find us« page.

For an additional fee, and helping to save on packing, we offer a washing and ironing service. If you wish to use this service, please ask the staff about the exact fee.

If our guests occasionally wish to do something without the children, a nanny will take care of them on request. A cook will cater for your creature comforts with culinary delights from Bahian and international cuisine. If you wish to discover more of Brazil or this region in particular during your stay, we can organise excursions and tours.

You’ll find descriptions of other entertainment and relaxation options at Village Mata Encantada on the »Installations« page. If you don't see a particular service, either here or there, please contact us. We’ll try to satisfy your requirements as far as possible.