Holidays in the »Enchanted Forest«

We have designed Village Mata Encantada as a very unique resort. The accommodation, service and environment all meet very high standards.

The holiday paradise offers picturesque surroundings, pristine beaches, comfortably furnished houses and first class service. We guarantee that you’ll really be able to relax here. You’ll have pleasant memories of your holidays at the Village Mata Encantada for a long time afterwards.

The Village Mata Encantada complex is located on the outskirts of Santo André, a small fishing village. The district is Santa Cruz Cabrália, about 30 km north of Porto Seguro in the south of the State of Bahia. In recent years, this region has become increasingly important for upmarket ecotourism.

The name »Mata Encantada« means »enchanted forest« (or: »magic forest«). Our resort hasn’t just been given this name for any reason. The buildings and leisure areas, the children’s play areas as well as the different activity options for kids and adults are embedded in an area of jungle that still remains in its natural state. Our guests have direct access to the beach from the houses.

Ancient rainforest trees still grow within the fenced-in area of Village Mata Encantada, which totals 15,000 m². Feel like picking exotic wild fruits from the tree? This is one of the unique experiences we can offer.

For guests who like their privacy, each house in the Village Mata Encantada has a private garden with 800 m² of extensive lawn and all kinds of lush, flowering ornamental plants.